Individual sessions

To support healing and growth, I provide a safe and compassionate space to explore the inner world with love and curiosity.

I am grounded in the IFS (Internal Family Systems) modality, and use somatic approaches as well as various meditation and inter-relational practices.

I primarily work with clients using the IFS (Internal Family Systems) method, although my work is deeply informed by a decade long study of Buddhism, different spiritual traditions, inter-relational as well as somatically centered practices (Core Energetics). I support clients to connect deeper with their inner experience and their authentic core to expand their awareness and understanding around what is causing difficulties and develop more ease.

IFS is a method of healing and growth that is grounded in the recognition that the mind has multiple parts and that all of us have inside an inherent loving presence (‘Self Energy’). IFS helps clients to connect to their core compassionate presence, and embrace all the various parts of their psyche to heal the wounds, traumas, burdens, and inner conflicts. When these are transformed, more aliveness and ease can be experienced. IFS brings together Eastern and Western psychological and spiritual traditions and is an evidence-based approach.

I provide a sacred, safe, nurturing, and compassionate environment, honoring where you are coming from and where you would like to go. My wish is to collaborate with you to explore inner and outer challenges with warmth and curiosity and support you in your growth and healing. Sessions can also include, among others, client-centered dialogue, nervous system regulation, grounding, mindfulness techniques, and guided meditations.

I am seeing clients via telehealth or in person in Manhattan, New York. I provide support in English, French, and Russian.

Billing and Payment

My fee is $150 for an individual session of 55 minutes and $200 for 85 minutes. I also offer a limited number of sliding scale spots. Any concerns or questions that you may have regarding payment will be discussed at your initial consultation. The initial consultation will be no charge to you if you feel it is not a good fit. If it is a good fit, then I’ll consider it your first session and will charge you our agreed-upon fee. I do not take insurance, nor can I file insurance claims on your behalf.

(Please note that I am not a licensed therapist and cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions or mental health issues, working with me is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.)